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Arizona PTA Covid-19 Resources

During these unprecedented times, we will do our best to keep our Arizona PTA local unit leaders and members updated on Covid-19.

Arizona PTA has included links to resources to help local unit leaders and members.  Please click below to be taken directly to websites to help your leadership. The links below will take you to Covid-19 pages or homepages for more information. 

Arizona Department of Health Services website
AZ Dept Health Services link
Arizona Department of Education
AZ DOE link
US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website
CDC link
National PTA Covid-19 resources for PTAs 
National PTA link
Arizona Governor's office page on Covid-19 
Arizona Together link
Arizona PTA announcements on Covid-19  
Arizona PTA link
Arizona School Board Association website
ASBA link
Arizona Charter Schools Association website
ACSA link
US Department of Education website
US DOE link
World Health Organization (WHO) website
WHO link
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