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Entries now closed.png

Membership Awards  2022-2023

 New to our awards?  It's easy - just tell us what your local unit has accomplished with membership, and we will recognize your unit with a certificate!  

Please have ONE person from your local PTA/PTSA unit complete this form by selecting all of the awards you believe you are qualified to win. If you need help, please do not hesitate to email  

Club level awards (over 100 members and then at each 100 club thereafter) are automatically calculated and awarded - no need to apply for them!

Thank you for submitting for 2022-2023 Membership Awards form to Arizona PTA!

MAY 1st*



See more below...

Local Unit Awards  2023

Honor your local PTA/PTSA unit and members by completing an annual Arizona PTA/PTSA award form below. Highlighting all of the wonderful things your unit and members have done this past year.

Please submit ONE application, per local unit, per category. Local unit must be in GOOD STANDING, and nominee must be a current PTA/PTSA Member.
Each person may only be nominated for ONE award per year.
Nominee must be an adult (18 or older) except for the Future Leader Award. 
Awards come with a $Cash Prize$

*Awards submissions close
MAY 1st.*

Entries now closed.png
Entries now closed.png
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