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Semua iuran keanggotaan harus diserahkan ke Arizona PTA paling lambat tanggal 30 setiap bulannya.  Sebelum mengirimkan iuran, pastikan semua anggota untuk PTA/PTSA Anda telah ditambahkan ke MemberHub.  Untuk setiap anggota, iuran adalah $5,50. PTA Nasional menerima $2,25 dan Arizona PTA mempertahankan $3,25. 

MemberHub is changing its name to Givebacks effective June 30, 2023. 

What's in a name?  We are all giving back.  PTA gives back to our children and school communities.  We give back our time as we volunteer.  We give back out resources as we use out gifts to further the mission of PTA.  And yes we give back our money in terms of donations, to help fund initiatives in our schools.  Givebacks includes all the solutions we've always had and is not limited to fundraising.  

Our partner in PTA software, MemberHub, has changed their name to Givebacks to better represent the scope of their product offerings. Rest assured, the same great products and people that we know and trust will remain the same.


 Here are some other small changes that will come along with the name change:


  • The company and product name is changing from MemberHub to Givebacks

  • The colors and fonts inside the application will change

  • Their donor-facing product previously called Givebacks is now referred to as the Shop to Give product

  • The mobile swiper app (iOS) is changing name from MemberHub Pay to Givebacks POS


The effort to rebrand is exciting news as they continue to consolidate all their products into a more cohesive platform where we can move seamlessly between modules and enjoy a more consistent experience. 


Over the next several months, Givebacks will continue to make enhancements to various experiences, but rest assured, any important changes that you need to be aware of will be communicated by Givebacks in detail, well in advance. 

From MemberHub CEO Will Bowen, "While membership management will always be a focus for us, the name MemberHub no longer represents or communicates the breadth of our offering  and unwavering focus on continuing to meet your evolving needs... We firmly believe our new name better aligns with our mission to deliver innovative solutions, foster long-term relationships, and empower you to thrive in an ever-changing fundraising landscape."

If you have any questions at all, you can visit

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