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Local Unit Awards 2021

*Select an award below to make a nomination*

*Awards submissions close June 4th.*

  • Super Organized Award (SOA) - this award is given to local units who turned in all of their Good Standing Documents and completed training by September 30 due date.

  • Star Reporter Award - this award is for units who submitted monthly membership dues by the 30th of each month beginning September 2020.

  • Growing Membership Award - this award is for units who were able to grow their membership during the pandemic compared to the previous year by March 30.

  • Teacher Support Award - this award is for units who have 100% membership for teachers by March 30. This award includes administration and teachers.  This award does NOT include classified staff.

  • Grandparent Engagement Award - this award is for units who have at least 5 paid grandparent members by March 30.

  • With You in Spirit Award - Units who were able to successfully hold electronic meetings, virtual events and/or fundraising.  (Must have held a minimum of 3 by May 2021.)

  • Community Spirit Award - this award is for units who have at least 5 business memberships as of March 30.  Business memberships are defined by your unit's Standing Rules (standing rules must be on file with AZ PTA for clarification.)

  • Electronic Energy - this award is for local units who were able to successfully communicate with their members via Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Online forms, e-mail, Peach Jar, school newsletter, etc.  (Must be at least 4 times by May 2021.)

  • Club level awards (over 100 members and then at each 100 club thereafter) are automatically calculated and awarded - no need to apply for them!

  • Percentage Membership Awards: Find your student body total (if you are unsure ask your office staff or administration for a total) - you'll need this number for the next section of awards.


    - Silver membership is 10%-14%; Gold is 15%-19%; Diamond is 20-24%; Platinum is 25% or more.

    To find your membership percentage: take the number of members your unit has paid for by March 30 and divide that number by your student body.  (Example: 340 members / 700 students = 0.48).  

    Then take your decimal and multiply by 100. (Example: 0.48 x 100 = 48%).  48% is Platinum membership!

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