Nominations and Elections

The Nominating Committee is a special committee and holds the key to a successful PTA. Check out our Nominations and Elections Guide to help! 

Its responsibility is to present the best qualified nominees for office. 

Choosing the Committee

  • Consult your unified bylaws
  • Any member in good standing of your local unit can serve.
  • The current unit president may NOT serve and is not an ex-officio member of the nominating committee.
  • Elect the nominating committee at least 1 month prior to elections
  • The nominating committee elects their own chairperson.
  • Diversity is key!

Responsibilities of the Nominating Committee

  • Verify that nominee is a member of your PTA. A person who would like to be nominated doesn’t have to be a member of your PTA, but must become a member prior to the election.
  • Select the best-qualified candidate possible for each office to be filled. 
  • Solicit suggestions for nominees from the membership. 
  • Select one nominee for each office and prepare to state qualifications of each nominee. 
  • Give careful consideration to qualifications of candidates.
  • Identify characteristics and skill sets needed in the leadership of the local PTA. 
  • Screen, evaluate and nominate candidates for officers. 
  • If a member of the Nominating Committee is being considered for an office, he/she must leave the room during the discussion and return when the vote is taken. 
  • All votes taken by the Nominating Committee must be by ballot and require a majority vote to pass/carry. 
  • Post the proposed slate of officers in the school office at least ten (10) days prior to the election meeting. 
  • Present the nominees at the election meeting. 

Report of the Nominating Committee

  •  Prepare a written report for presentation at the election meeting. 
  • Make report public according to bylaws.
  • Have chair and members who agree with report sign the report. 
  • Allow a member who does not sign the report to nominate from the floor. 
  • Have chair read and hand the report to the presiding officer who will conduct the meeting. 

Nominating Committee Do's and Don'ts


  •     Review Bylawls for number of officers needed.
  •     Meet as soon as possible so a second or third meeting can be held if needed.
  •     Elect a chair per your bylaws.
  •     Set rules of the Nominating Committee at beginning of meeting.
  •     Check the membership roster to be sure the nominee is a member of PTA
  •     Chair calls nominee for consent to nominate. ( Remember you are only asking permission to nominate them)
  •     Remember the committee discussion is confidential.
  •     See that the report of the Nominating Committee is posted in the school office 10 days prior to election.
  •     Sign the Nominating Committee Report if you agree with the nominees.
  •     Members of the Nominating Committee may be nominated.
  •     Keep the interview questionnaire documents with the other confidential record keeping process for your     
  •     association and destroy everything when the slate is complete.
  •     Make sure a new interviewing questionnaire is used for future nominations for the same candidate.


  •     Submit a member's name because of friendship.
  •     Nominate someone with the idea of getting him/her involved.
  •     Accept the office for title only.
  •     Post interviewing questionnaires and responses for public viewing.

Who is Eligible to Vote?

  •     Only members who have joined by March 1 of the current membership   year can vote.
  •     Proxy voting is prohibited.
  •     Students are eligible to vote if they are members. Please indicate in your standing rules at what age a student may become a member. 

Important Points to Remember

  •     When the President is the nominee for a second term, he or she may still conduct the election.
  •     An election is an Order of Business on the general meetings agenda and is treated as such by the president.
  •     Be sure every nominee has become a PTA member prior to the election meeting



What happens if…..

  1. If a nominee withdraws before the balloting begins, the Nominating Committee shall present another nominee. 

If an officer resigns after election, this creates a vacancy in office. If this person was President, he/she is considered a Past President even though he/she may never have had the opportunity for active service in office. The vacancy is then filled according to the unified bylaws; A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the executive board, notice of such election having been given. In case a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall serve notice of election. 

 If there is a concern about the ballots, a president may call for a voice vote. 


Officers shall assume their official duties July 1  and shall serve for a term, as defined in the Local Unit’s standing rules. 

For questions, please call  AZ PTA at 602-279-1811 or email

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