Continued Standards of Affiliation

In order to maintain continued standards of affiliation so that your PTA/PTSA is considered ‘in good standing, the following documents are required annually. These documents may be found on the website in the Leader Forms and Resources section. You may submit via email to your Region Director or upload directly to your PTA unit’s SharePoint folder! Save a stamp and envelope and do it all online!  

  • Officers List  submit by June 30 or within 10 days of change of officers.
  • Insurance Payment ($165 annually) submit Arizona PTA by June 30 (Payments made afterward will be assessed a $25 late fee).
  • Approved  Standing Rules (with minutes) from first general meeting (If any changes and include minutes showing adoption) submit by Sept. 30. 
  • Adoption of the current unified local PTA/PTSA unit bylaws submit by Sept. 30. 
  • Approved Annual Budget (with minutes showing adoption) submit by Sept. 30.
  • Adopted Financial Review (with minutes showing adoption)  submit by Sept 30.
  • All officers have completed mandatory training by Sept. 30
  • Copy of IRS 990-N/e-postcard, 990-EZ filing by November 15.

Membership Report Form, member roster  and dues payment submitted monthly. Membership reports can be done online

If help is needed with any of these items, please contact us as we are happy to assist. 

All forms and quick reference guides can be found on the Leader Forms and Resources section.

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