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Arizona PTA Scholarship

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the 2014 Arizona PTA Scholarship.

    Mikaela Cook, Flowing Wells High School Tucson

    Austin Nguyen, University High School, Tucson

    Riley Stork, Dobson High School, Mesa


Application cycle starts again in November of every year.


Purpose and Eligibility Requirements for Arizona PTA Scholarship


The Arizona PTA has established the Scholarship Program for the major purpose of aiding able students who have the desire and potential to attend college. A second purpose is to dramatize the need in Arizona for a higher education beyond high school for our citizens.


Applications may be downloaded HERE or by calling the Arizona PTA State Office at 602-279-1811. Completed applications must be postmarked by February 15, 2014.


The scholarship is based on financial need. The scholarship is available to any deserving graduating student from an Arizona high school or a current Arizona college providing:


1. Shall have a minimum grade point average meeting college requirement of a 3.0 on a 4 point scale.


2. Is considered to be an Arizona resident by the school he/she is attending.


Amount of Award and Acceptance

     The Scholarship shall be for five hundred dollars ($500.00) per semester and may be renewed each consecutive semester with proof of registration and current grade point average of a minimum of 2.65 on a 4 point scale.

      No student shall be eligible to receive more than $4,000.00 in four (4) years from this scholarship fund.

      Each recipient will be asked to sign a “Letter of Acceptance” which sets forth the terms of the scholarship contract.


How Paid and Retention


Any student receiving a scholarship must show intent to enter or continue in an NCA Accredited Arizona community college, college  or university on or before September 1st. Monies will be paid directly to the institution upon registration.


-- The retention of a scholarship shall depend upon the recipient's maintaining a 2.65 average.

-- A student must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.

-- Proof of grade reports and registration must be submitted each semester to receive the subsequent monies.


These reports shall be mailed to the PTA Scholarship Chairman at the Arizona PTA office, 2721 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007-1102.


Scholarship winners will be notified BY EMAIL no later than April 10. Monies will be sent directly to the financial aid department once a school has been selected. Scholarship winners will be honored at the Arizona PTA convention in June.


In order for funds to be automatically sent to the financial aid department before tuition is due, it is the responsibility of the scholarship winner to submit semester grades and the next semester’s registration of classes each semester to the Arizona PTA Office.


Any changes in schools must be reported to the Arizona PTA Office


Upon acceptance of Arizona PTA Scholarship a Student Aid Report (SAR) or FAFSA Confirmation Page must sent to Arizona PTA.




2721 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007-1102

(602)279-1811, Fax (602)279-1814

FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “official” transcript?

An official transcript is prepared and sent by the issuing school (usually by the Student Registrar or an equivalent) with an original signature of a school official and is officially sealed.


My "Official" Transcript wont be available at time of application, can my counselor send in by mail

on my behalf at a later date?

Yes, we will accept unofficial transcripts, but  please send Official copy in as soon as available. It must remain sealed.


My school sends transcripts separately to colleges and scholarship entities.  Will you accept my transcript if it’s sent separately?



I have a 2.0 GPA.  Can I apply for the scholarship?

We require a minimum of 3.0 GPA to be considered eligible for our scholarships.


Can my pastor write me a letter of recommendation?

Unless your pastor is also a faculty or staff member at a school you attended, we will not be able to accept a letter of recommendation from your pastor.



What is the due date for the scholarship application packet?

All application packets must be postmarked by Feb. 15 to be eligible for review. No late applications will be accepted.


What should I include in the application packet?

The completed application, an official transcript, a letter of recommendation on school letterhead from a staff member or teacher, and the essay should all be included in one envelope to be considered an eligible application packet.


Will you accept an email from my teacher for my letter of recommendation?

No.  The letter of recommendation must be on school letterhead and be included with the other required documents to be considered an official, eligible submission.


I am 64 years old and am returning to college.  Can I apply for the scholarship?

Yes.  As long as you can provide the documents required in the application, everyone is welcome to apply.


Do you check the immigration status of applicants?

Our scholarship requires that all applicants are residents of Arizona.   If your high school or college considers you a resident, that is sufficient proof of residency to Arizona PTA.


What is the length of the essay?

The essay should be between 500--‐750 words, single--‐spaced, in 12 point font.


Can I fax my scholarship application?

No. Your scholarship application must be included with your application packet to be considered an official, eligible submission.



I want to go to college outside of Arizona.   Can I still apply for an Arizona PTA scholarship?

Only those applicants who will be attending an NCA--‐accredited Arizona college or university are eligible for consideration for our scholarships.

When will applicants be notified of award acceptance?

Next deadline is February 15, 2015, and award winners will be posted on this site by  April 14, 2014.