Healthy Lifestyles Grant

Arizona PTA is passionate about healthy living and our Healthy Lifestyles Grant can support your PTA’s efforts to make good health a priority in your school or community.

We are offering grants to local units or Councils who share with us their funding requests for Healthy Lifestyles Programs.

The following requirements must be fulfilled for a local unit or Council to be considered for this grant:

  Only one submission per PTA will be accepted

  PTAs must be in Good Standing to qualify. (Good Standing means all standards of affiliation documents have been received, all board officers have been trained (whether via Convention, Boot Camp, or completed e-Learning courses), at least 1 dues payment has been received for the 2018-19 school year and current officers list on file)

  Year-end reports must be submitted before additional Arizona PTA Healthy Lifestyles grants can be considered.

Please fill out the application below and submit by 5PM on October 15! 

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