Local Unit Elections

Procedures for 2020

Arizona PTA is allowing local PTA/PTSAs to hold local unit elections at the end of the 2020 school year if the following procedures are followed.  Please read and follow along below to hold your elections and let Arizona PTA know your plans for elections for 2020. 

Arizona PTA will allow local units to hold elections online with Arizona PTA acting as proctor. This will allow units to vote in new officers for the 2020-2021 school year who can then attend our virtual convention.

Step 1: 


Meet as an executive board/committee (EC) and determine if your unit has open officer positions based on your Standing Rules and current officer terms. 

*If you do not have any open positions for election in 2020 please go to Step 3.

*If you have open positions for election in 2020 please go to Step 2. 

Step 2:


If you have any open officer positions your executive board should meet and VOTE.  Hold a vote to determine if you plan to have an online election or if ALL current officers are willing to stay in their positions until school resumes in late summer/fall 2020.

Please note in order to hold an online election you must have a valid email address or way to reach all of your members online!  This may mean contacting them via school packets sent home or calling members to ask for a way to send them the online link to the election. 

Your executive board was voted in to be the decision makers between general meetings. Please make sure you vote as an EC in the best interest of your membership and your PTA. As always, the President of the unit is only allowed to vote in the event of a tie and therefore does not vote in this decision as it must be unanimous. 

*If you vote to STAY in your positions until school resumes you must submit your meeting minutes to Arizona PTA by emailing them to your Region Director / Field Services member or to office@azpta.org indicating that all officers understand and commit to staying until an in-person vote can happen. Per parliamentary procedure all officers stay in their positions until a successor is elected. You must inform your General Membership that you plan to hold elections within ONE MONTH of returning to school for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please go to Step 3.

*If you vote to HOLD elections please go to Step 3.

Step 3:


Once your executive board has voted whether or not to hold an election or if you have no open positions, please click the link below to let Arizona PTA know your voted upon decision. Arizona PTA MUST be made aware of your board's decision.  

Please click HERE to let Arizona PTA know of your decision. This MUST be completed by every unit! 



After submitting the above form:


*If you voted to hold an election please go to Step 4.


*If you voted NOT to hold an election you have completed the process and can hold an online virtual meeting to inform your members of your decision. If your members need guidance on this decision or if you would like Arizona PTA present to help explain this to your members please contact Arizona PTA directly. Keep in mind you MUST hold elections within ONE MONTH of the start of the 2020-2021 school year and the decision not to hold elections must be unanimous within your executive board. 


We strongly suggest that if you not going to be holding elections at this time that you set the date for the future election ASAP and notify your members as back to school season is busy for all. This will allow you to solicit nominations at your open house/welcome back events and move forward with the election as scheduled.    

Step 4:


Now that you have decided to have elections you should solicit nominations for your open positions.  


Once you have nominees for your positions or if your nomination deadline has passed and you are ready to hold an election please visit the form below and Arizona PTA will set up your elections for you online.

You will need the title and term of each position up for election. If you do not have a candidate for a position please make sure to still include the position on the form.  This information should look like this: President, one year term, 2020-2021; first Vice President, two year term, 2020-2022; etc.  Your titles and terms are outlined in your local unit Standing Rules. 

Please have the name(s) of each candidate for each office available when submitting this form. You will need to list anyone who has indicated an acceptance to run for this office. Please make sure the candidate has accepted the nomination before filling out this form!  Please verify that the candidate is a member of your unit before the election. There will be a spot in each office listed for a write in candidate as allowed in parliamentary procedure so please include any offices with no nominees if they are up for election. 

You will also need to submit the name and contact of the President of the unit. The President will be contacted once the election form is ready to go to your members. 

Please also provide the name and contact of the person in your unit responsible for membership. This person will be copied on emails to the President and will need to verify that only members who were members of your unit by March 1 are eligible to vote.  

Lastly you will need the date when you'd like your election to be available online to your members.  Please decide when you would like your members to vote.  Ideally you should have an online meeting for your general membership soon, announce the positions and process of AZ PTA proctoring the elections and take nominations from the floor for all open positions. Then verify those nominated are members and accept the nomination.  From there you can submit the form below with dates for your election. 

After submitting the above form Arizona PTA will create your online election. Before your election you will receive an email with the link and a sample email to send to your members. You cannot send the link to anyone not a member by March 1 per Arizona PTA Bylaws and you cannot post the link on social media or share outside of your membership. We suggest you post this process online and ask members to reach out to obtain the link rather than sharing the link online. 


After your election closes your President and Membership person will receive a list of people who voted. The President can vote in this election as its by ballot as long as they are also a member of your unit by March 1.  Your unit will need to verify that only members voted based on name and email address. Once your unit has verified those who voted, Arizona PTA will send your President the name(s) of those newly elected into office and you can let your membership know who the new officers are.


We realize this is a lengthly process but we've tried to make it as user friendly as possible while still staying within Arizona laws and parliamentary procedure. 


Please reach out if you have any questions!  Bylaws Chair, Sarah Davis sdavis@azpta.org  

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