Arizona PTA

Arizona PTA is a State Congress of the National PTA working collaboratively with national and local education, health, safety and child advocacy groups.  

Mission: To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for children.

"every child. one voice."





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Meet The Team


Sergio Chavez

President Sergio Chavez is the first male Hispanic president of Arizona PTA. From Phoenix, AZ he is focused on diversity and making PTA accessible to EVERYONE in Arizona.

President Elect

Anne Gabriellini

New York native, Anne Gabriellini lives in Surprise, AZ. She has served in many offices during her time with PTA and loves helping units be in Good Standing with AZ PTA.

Vice President 

Paula K. Purkhiser

Paula K. Purkhiser has been volunteering with PTA since she joined Illinois PTA in 1997. She has served on numerous committees, in many positions and was the 2015-2017 Arizona PTA President. 

Vice President of Membership 

Sarah Davis

Originally from Massachusetts, Sarah has served in each of the four positions on a local unit. As VP of Membership, she particularly enjoys speaking with and helping units with membership ideas, incentives and goals.


Jenny Chavez

Jenny Chavez has had a passion for PTA since 2009.  She's been an active parent, local board member, state volunteer and state officer. Jenny loves meeting and talking with new members - email her if you need any help.


Irene Kufner

Irene Kufner has served as a local unit treasurer and on various committees for the past several years. Irene is the proud owner of a successful bookkeeping firm and helps companies Nationwide organize and reconcile their financial accounts for continued growth.

Arts in Education 

Krystal Valenzuela

Krystal is AZ PTA's youngest Board of Managers member. Her goal is to show how intragrel the arts are in our children's education and to make the Reflections Program a highlighted part of Arizona PTA.

Bylaws Chair

filled by AZ PTA

This position is being filled by AZ PTA. If you'd like to work with the Bylaws committee and possibly be appointed to this position please email President, Sergio Chavez.

Diversity Chair

Tamillia Valenzuela

Tamillia is a 32 year old madre of one. She is from Colorado and her favorite food is hot wings. As Diversity Chair, she wants to show that PTA doesn't just have one face, it has many.

Field Services Chair

Sara Gagliardi

Sara Gagliardi has been involved with PTA for the past 5 years. She is excited to be part of the AZ PTA team and looks forward to working with local units as a part of Field Services.

Federal Legislative

Issues Chair

Dave Stuart

Dave Stuart

Health & Safety Chair 

Nick Reyes

Nick Reyes has been a part of the Arizona PTA Board for 3 years. He enjoys the great outdoors and is a US Navy veteran.  He lives in Tonopah with his wife and 4 children.

State Legislative Issue Chair

Nicky Indicavitch

Nicky Indicavitch is a strong advocate for AZ kids and believes public schools are the cornerstone of democracy. She served as RD and local unit President. She lives in Northern Arizona with her family.

Northern Arizona

Region Director 


This region is managed by the Arizona PTA Board of Managers. If you'd like to run for this position please email AZ PTA.

North Central Region Director

Candice Fremouw

Candice Fremouw

Northeast Maricopa/Gila 

Region Director


This region is managed by the Arizona PTA Board of Managers. If you'd like to run for this position please email AZ PTA.

Northwest Maricopa Region Director

Chris White

Chris White has lived in Arizona for over 20 years, proud Military Wife (USAF ret.) and mother of two. She has been involved with PTA for 5 years. Chris looks forward to working with AZ PTA and the local units.

Southern Region

Region Director 

Jenny Edwards

Jenny is excited to serve as your Southern Arizona Region Director. Originally from Texas, she has been a part of PTA on the local level in Arizona for 7 years. Jenny lives in Corona De Tucson with her husband, two daughters and dog.

Southeast Maricopa/Pinal Region Director

This region is managed by the Arizona PTA Board of Managers.  If you'd like to run for this position please email AZ PTA.

Southwest Maricopa Region Director 

Amanda Reyes

Amanda Reyes is honored to serve as the SWM Region Director. She has lived in Arizona for 11 years and has served in PTA for 5 years at a local unit and on State PTA. She lives in Tonopah with her husband and 4 children.

Western Region Region Director

Jessica Reed

Jessica Reed