Board of Managers

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Arizona PTA is an all-volunteer association and is managed by an all-volunteer board. Our diverse board includes teachers, small business owners, financial advisors, accountants, advocates, legal assistance, customer service reps and so much more! Please consider joining one of our committees and learning more about our state board! 


Sergio Chavez, President-Elect

Anne Gabriellini, Vice President

Sarah Davis, Vice President of Membership

Karen Cote, Treasurer

Jenny Chavez, Secretary

                     Region Directors

Nicky Indicavitch,  Northern Arizona Region Director

Sonji Johnson, Field Services covering North Central Maricopa Region Director

Tracy Grimm, North East Maricopa/Gila County Region Director

                            North West Maricopa Region Director

Johnny Johnson, South East Maricopa/Pinal Region Director

Amanda Reyes, South West Maricopa Region Director 

Jenny Edwards, Field Services for Southern Arizona 

Jessica Reed,  Field Services for Western Arizona Region

                       Chair Positions

Paula K. Purkhiser, Bylaws Chair

Richard Perry, Marketing & Civic Engagement Outreach  

Courtney Schuh, State Legislative Issues Chair

Sonji Johnson, Field Services Chair

Nick Reyes, Family & Male Engagement Chair

                          Council Presidents

 Kristi Satiseyelan, Council President, Surprise El Mirage PTA Council

Melissa Zuidema, Council President, Southwest Valley PTA Council

Desirae Pitt, Council President, Northern Arizona PTA Council


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