Arizona PTA Resolutions

Arizona PTA’s resolutions are adopted and or reaffirmed at the annual convention. They have impact at the local, council and state levels of PTA. The power of a resolution is to enable PTA members, leaders, and public policy and program teams to join with others to build partnerships, form coalitions, increase awareness, develop programs, and lobby policy makers. For full discription of resolutions, please contact AZ PTA at 620-279-1811 or email

Resolution Adopted 2018: Arming School Teachers

Resolutions reaffirmed in 2013, (reaffirmed 2018)

Resolutions adopted 2013 (reaffirmed 2018) 

 Resolutions reaffirmed in 2012, 2017

 Resolutions adopted/reaffirmed in 2010, 2015

  • R  Requiring Helmets while riding bicycle for anyone 14 years or younger
  • R  Teacher preperation for Parent/Family Involvement
  • R  HIV/STI Prevention Education in our schools
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