Public School Funding

School funding plays an essential role in student success. Adequate resources help students thrive and give teachers an environment in which they can do their best work. These resources can help you support school funding on local, state and even national levels, ensuring that students get the education they deserve.

When schools experience budget shortfalls, they must find creative ways to make ends meet. School principals must marshal all their resources to help fund their schools. Fortunately, they can turn to parents to help them raise funds and encourage voters to pass budget referenda to help fund education for their children. 

For the novice—and even for the experienced PTA member—fundraising can be a complicated enterprise. To get through this sometimes-difficult terrain, PTAs and school administrators need guidance they can trust. Whether you’re looking for tips on choosing a vendor, garnering corporate support, or managing the fundraising proceeds, PTA will provide you with expert advice on how to conduct effective fundraisers. 

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Parents of public school students should have a clear understanding of how the school systems are funded. With the right knowledge, parents can become more effective advocates for properly funding public schools. 

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